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A Skin Changing Experience

by Greta M

Finding Amy was skin changing! She listened to my frustrations, then gave me a tailored facial and home care tips that reflected all I had said. She really listened. And she really knows eminence, a brand I have used for many years. Thank you Amy!

Balanced My Skin Perfectly

by Danielle O

Amy is great!  Her spa is relaxing and lovely.  She is very careful not to push product so have no fears that you will be exposed to the hard sell!  She was able to assess my skin issues and gave me a facial that balanced my skin perfectly.  I was having many skin issues that caused me more stress.  The Eminence products are lovely, not a lot of overpowering scents.  The day after my facial I had no red marks which were a typical reaction for me.  I was so pleased!  Within a week from my facial my skin was well on the way to being fully healed.  Now we're moving toward being totally clear.  Amy also helped with suggesting different make up and where I might find it (Whole Foods) where I could return it if needed.  I am SO looking forward to my next appointment!  If you're considering booking a facial with Amy go ahead - you will not be disappointed!

She's An Alchemist

by Pam

I have been receiving skin care from Amy for a number of years.  If you are looking for a physical or mental pick-me-up, look no further. Amy provides a warm and relaxing ambiance from the moment you arrive. She uses the finest (and great smelling) organic products, creating a custom treatment - each visit - that is just what I need.  She an alchemist, mixing up the right combination of treatments that is best for my skin in general, and also for the moment, sensing whether I'm stressed or overwhelmed and providing a nurturing treatment accordingly.  I am "a glow" each time I depart.

A Recognized Green Spa

by Dale

Every month I look forward to my facial with Amy. Her salon is comfortable and relaxing, and I like the feeling that it’s just her and me in the salon. The “treatment” room has muted lighting and a spa bed that is always the right temperature.

I was introduced to Eminence organic skin-products by my dermatologist and immediately loved them. I wanted to find a salon that used Eminence for facials and found Amy’s Skin Care on the official Eminence Web site. Amy is very familiar with the many Eminence products and has the skill to choose the right products for your skin type. She varies the products she uses for my facials, fine tuning what she uses for the needs of my skin. I look forward to smelling the marvelous, natural scents of the products, and of course, the end result of glowing, beautiful skin.

Amy does not push you to buy products or give you a “hard sell”; of course she will recommend products for good skin care at home if you want her to and will be very generous with her time.

Another reason I love the salon is that it has been recognized as an Eminence Green Spa because Amy has met the particular criteria for that title set by Eminence.
By now you know that I highly recommend Amy and Amy’s Skin Care!

Organically Nourishes My Skin

by Kathleen

I recommend Amy’s Skin Care to anyone who asks and many who don’t!! I have had many facials over the years and never before has my skin felt so nourished and healthy, not only when I walk out but for several days after. I think this is for a couple of reasons, first, the organic, nature based product line Amy uses, Eminence. It is spectacular! The second reason is Amy. She listens to my concerns and takes the time to understand what is going on with my skin, matching me with the perfect products to address any issues.

Not only is my skin in better condition because of Amy and the products she recommends, my children have both seen Amy for acne and had amazing results.

Adding to the experience of a facial with Amy is the space she has created. Located in a rather industrial looking building just off of I-405, Amy’s space is a little bit of heaven on earth - lovely, calming and clean.

My Special Treat

by Madeline

I see Amy from Amy's Skin Care every 4-5 weeks for routine facials. I love having facials and have had them for years. After I found out I was pregnant, I was determined to a find facial spa offering products with organic ingredients. I was elated to find Amy after a Google search and on top of that was ecstatic when I learned she uses and sells Eminence Organic Skin Care products! That sold it for me. From the moment I sent her an email to inquire about her spa explaining how I was in my first trimester and all the things I expressed concern for, she immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Two years later, I am still seeing Amy and will continue to see her as long as I can. Amy is beautiful on the inside and out. She has a warm, friendly spirit coupled with a soft and gentle voice that pulls you in when you first meet her. She takes genuine interest in your the important things in your life which I find endearing. She remembers special moments and knows how to make you feel like a million bucks. I find it my escape and my special treat when I see Amy for our special facial 'dates'. :)

Amy's facials are indulgent and leave you relaxed, refreshed and absolutely glowing. Her facial and hand massages are heavenly. She even makes facial extractions seem painless with her deft touch! I highly recommend seeing Amy for your facials. Your mind, body and soul will thank you. 

Refreshed And Rejuvenated Every Time

by Mary

Amy is an amazing lady! She uses high end products and never skimps with them. She has a very caring nature and demeanor and gives her undivided attention to her clients. I leave her establishment feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every time. I regularly give my family members gift cards for Amy's facials as birthday and other holiday gifts. I highly recommend Amy's Skincare!

I Will Never Go Anywhere Else!

by Deanna

Hello Skin! I have had a very hard time finding a balance for my skin. Until I had a most unique experience with Amy. She is so knowledgable and I swear she has healing hands! After the first appointment I could feel such improvement in my skin and Amy's suggestions in home care were right on target. Prior to Amy's attention,my skin was blotchy and stressed and congested.I had not left my home without some kind of concealer on my skin since the age of 14! After only 2 facials and using the wonderful products she recommended, I actually went to work with only a little mascara and lipstick! UNBELIEVABLE. Not to mention, my clients and collegues commented all day on how I was glowing! If you want an incredible facial and movie star treatment, I can only HIGHLY advise you to call on Amy. i will never go anywhere else! Thank you Amy!

The best place to get a facial in Seattle!

The best place to get a facial in Seattle!

by Ksenia

Amy's facials are the most indulgent and relaxing I've ever had! Amy is really nice and fun to talk to and I wouldn't go anywhere else. The Eminence products she uses are all organic and contain no harmful chemicals which is so important for healthy skin. Amy's facials are extra special because she knows how to customize the perfect skincare procedure for your individual needs according to your skin and the season so every facial feels different! I always look forward to getting a facial at Amyskincare!

Best Facial for me.

by Alberta Cifolelli

The environment in her spa is soothing and relaxing. Amy has a very gentle touch. I often fall asleep while she is working on my facial. When it is over my face looks great and my entire body is rested. Her treatment is a real treat!

glowing skin!

by helen c

I received a fabulous facial from Amy at Amy's Skincare. The environment was very relaxing and friendly. Amy was very thorough in analyzing my skin type and needs. The Eminence products used are organic and smelled wonderful! She sent me home with sample of the products I used during the treatment, so I can continue to test them out. It is a great experience – my skin felt very nurtured by Amy!

My skin felt fantastic!

by sbyington

My skin felt fantastic after the facial that Amy gave me. She knew exactly what my skin needed and personalized the treatment so that is was just right for me. I'll be back again and again!

a lovely facial, and worth returning again and again

by jchwojko

I went to Amy on the recommendation of a friend and I'm glad a followed that advice. One of the first things I noticed is what beautiful skin Amy has! My skin has really improved through her care. She has a lovely, gentle and personable manner. I like that she is equally comfortable chatting or being quiet during the facial. I also like that that she has products available for sale but is not pushy about selling. I bought a few things and have been very happy with them. I would recommend going to Amy for a facial to either a first-timer or the experienced Spa-goer.

Great service and products

by nanatal

i fist came to Amy's while visiting my daughter in Kirkland. I had tried many spas in the Seattle area, but found Amy's personal touch in a warm relaxing atmosphere my best spa experience by far. The Eminence products which she uses are organic and make your skin look and feel healthier. She truly personalizes your treatment and recommends products for your particular skin type or problem. Her free Priority mailing of products is particularly helpful for me when I can't visit as often as I'd like.

Great cozy atmosphere

by GB2

I discovered Amy's brochure at my accupuncturist's about 2 years ago. I have been seeing Amy for facials and lash and brow treatments ever since. What a wonderful, warm space, with great music and a very cozy spa bed! The products have done wonders with my skin, especially to reduce redness. Amy is such a deft hand at the lash and brow tint that my eyes never sting afterwards. In fact, I even drifted off to sleep during one tinting session. When awake, I always enjoy chatting with Amy, who is such an intelligent and kind person. Always a great relaxing experience to visit Amy for a treatment, like a little vacation.

The best!

by Alex

This was my first facial, I did not know how relaxing. And rejuvenating a facial can be. This will be the first of many! Alex

Best facial you will ever have!

by shanidagovinden

I first decided to go to see Amy because of her glowing reviews about her facials and they were right! Amy is a delightful person who puts you at ease and is so knowledgable and informative about the procedures she performs and the products she uses. The facials are custom made just for you depending on what your skin needs and favourite fragrances. I guarantee you will look amazing when your facial is finished. Your skin is so soft, hydrated and visually rejuevanated. Even my husband noticed how good my skin looked after this facial. The Eminance products are wonderful, not only smell good enough to eat, but being organic is a welcome bonus. You only need a small amount for each application, so even though the price points are higher than the previous products I used they last 3 times as long, so I've actually saved money and my face looks amazing as all my problems have been resolved! Amy will never pressure you to buying anything but offers you advice on products she has used and leaves it to you to decide if you would like to purchase anything, plus her facial prices are so reasonable. Going to see Amy will be a worthwhile and rewarding experience!

If you want an incredible facial and movie star treatment....

by hannah470

Hello Skin!

I have had a very hard time finding a balance for my skin. Until I had a most unique experience with Amy. She is so knowledgable and I swear she has healing hands! After the first appointment I could feel such improvement in my skin and Amy's suggestions in home care were right on target.

Prior to Amy's attention,my skin was blotchy and stressed and congested.I had not left my home without some kind of concealer on my skin since the age of 14! After only 2 facials and using the wonderful products she recommended, I actually went to work with only a little mascara and lipstick! UNBELIEVABLE. Not to mention, my clients and collegues commented all day on how I was glowing!

If you want an incredible facial and movie star treatment, I can only HIGHLY advise you to call on Amy. i will never go anywhere else! Thank you Amy!

Best Facial Ever!!

by JaniceLeeAnderson

I have used Amy's Skincare Products and her Services for several years now, and have only great things to say about both of them. If you are looking for a professional, relaxed, and nurturing atmosphere, then Amy is the one to see. She knows her products well and accomodates to your own personal skin needs. I am now an advocate of her skin products too. They are wonderfu!!.

Best facial EVER.

by soberem85

I was first introduced to Amy's facials a few years ago, and haven't ever had a better one since. She tailors the facial exactly to my skin, the products are AMAZING and smell wonderful, and after just one facial I leave with VISIBLE results. On top of that, Amy is one of the friendliest, most down-to-earth people I've had the pleasure of meeting, period. She genuinely cares about my experience, my comfort, and my skin, and it shows. Plus, the setting for the facials is just like Amy and her facials-personal, private, comfortable, and unique. I wouldn't get them anywhere else, and already know what I'm getting my Mom, my Sister, my Dad, (and myself...) this Christmas.

Best facial ever!

by S100

Getting a facial with Amy is better than a massage - I swear I looked 5 years younger after my first facial. :) Even my husband noticed, and he isn't one to notice things like that. She analyzed my skin, gave me chocolate and tea, and then the best facial ever. I had the lymphatic drainage, which is what made my neck look so smooth after, I think. The rough patches on my checks were much smoother as well, with just the one facial.

She uses very safe products and never pushes you to buy things, though you want to because the products are so good. I can't wait to go back.

Best skin care

by Clarav

I have been going to Amy's for almost two years and have always had the best service.

She customizes my treatments as my skin needs it.

I highly recommend Amy's Skin Care. If you are looking for Quality and Excellent Service, Amy's Skin Care delivers.

Do you want to be truly pampered?

by Tikky2

Wow, I felt great after my facial and was literally glowing. The products were of the highest quality and smelled amazing. Amy is highly knowledgeable and professional, and also very caring and attentive to her clients' needs. The setting was calming and relaxing, and I can't wait to go back. Excellent service, luxurious products, and worth every penny and more.

A wonderful skin care experience using outstanding, natural, non-toxic skin care products

by DrNita

As a Naturopathic physician specializing in holistic dermatology, I do not hesitate to refer my patients to Amy's skin care. Her expertise, quality products and ambience combine to offer a wonderful skin care experience.

She uses outstanding, natural, non-toxic skin care products. She believes, as I do "If you can't spell it or pronounce it, don't put it on your skin or body". You can trust what she is using and feel wonderful after having a facial with Amy.

Dr. NIta Bishop, N.D.

NW Naturopathic Skin & Detox Specialists

Amy's Skincare is AWESOME!!!!!!

by bess84

Amy's facial is the best I have ever received in my life! She is incredibly smart and educated regarding skin care and utilizes a holistic approach in assessing her client's needs. She genuinely cares about creating the most relaxing and healthful experience possible. The space she has created is both beautiful and relaxing. She is honest and straightforward and won't try to sell you products for the sake of making a buck which is unusual in my opinion for the spa industry. She is reasonably priced and you will leave her feeling guilty because you know you should have paid more for the amazing attention and service she provides. I highly recommend Amy's Skin Care and will gladly pay the gas money to drive from West Seattle to Kirkland just to see her.

Organic,calming, soothing

by KatJack

I have been seeing Amy for skincare and facials over several months. Her products and facials are unique in the industry! I have very sensitive skin and my skin has always reacted to products used in most traditional spas. The organic products she uses have been very beneficial for my skin. Amy is very skilled in finding the right product to match your skin type. She is also very skilled at giving relaxing facials in a soothing and calming atmosphere that leave you feeling stress-free and refreshed!

Calm, Soothe, Re-energized

by crowebird

Amy's skincare is a rare find. If you desire a personalized facial that leaves you glowing inside and out, administered with the care and attention to detail of not just a skilled esthetician but by someone who treats you more like family than a customer - then you've found it.

I have been getting facials for over 10 years and she is the best. I?ve sent my Mother, Sister-in-Law and friends all to Amy and every one of them has the same outstanding result. They never knew their skin could look so good.

Amy provides the ideal atmosphere to relax and unwind, while at the same time allowing you to receive important tools and education to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Every facial is unique as Amy customizes it to what your skin needs at that particular time.

Amy is also quick to respond to email appointment and questions.

Amy is impressively knowledgeable in the skincare line she offers and has suggestions for any skin type or age. Anyone would feel welcomed and comfortable in the environment that Amy provides. Go today!

Relaxing and luxurious

by robertawollin

Before my frequent visits from Los Angeles to Seattle to visit my family, I call Amy to reserve time with her for one of her luxurious, relaxing facials - more if I can squeeze the time. I love her charming, elegant studio where soft music, subtle fragrances, and soothing products restore my spirit. and revitalize my skin,. Amy is calm, quiet, knowledgable, and I treasure the hour of solitude I spend with her. I've recommended her to friends who are now converts to her products and to Amy's Skin Care.

For truly beautiful skin without toxic ingredients...

by MindfulMe

Go see Amy. From the moment you step into her salon, you are transported to a relaxing oasis filled with tranquility and wisdom. I'm a licensed esthetician of 20 years and I've had a lot of facials and been to a lot of salons. Amy is passionate and knowledgeable about skin and skincare products. Her treatments are truly personalized - she designs a treatment depending on what your long-term skincare goals are and what your skin needs are currently and then recommends an at-home regimen while being budget conscious. Her treatments are always unique - no cookie cutter protocols. You may never receive the same facial twice - unless of course you really want to. The products she uses are filled with skin feeding nuturients and smell delicious. I'm so grateful to have found her. If you want beautiful skin, go see Amy!

When you want to glow...

by crowleypr

Head straight to Amy's. Poviding a warm and relaxing ambiance from the moment you step in, Amy uses absolutely the finest organic products, creating a custom treatment that feels and smells divine. She is like an alchemist mixing up the right combination of treatments that is best for my skin in general, but also for me at the moment - sensing whether I'm stressed, tired, overwhelmed - and providing a nurturing treatment accordingly. I am now a regular customer and endorse her services wholeheartedly.

Amy's Facial is one of the best I've ever had!

by carriejeanne

The products are fantastic, all natural. She has a welcoming, intimate, beautiful spa. It is very comfortable and relaxing. Amy is very knowledgeable....had a good sense if you want to talk or if you want silence and comfort.

I was totally impressed and will go back again.


Best facial in town!!

by evamf

I came to Amy because I needed help with my acne. While I considered the dermatologist for a quick prescription, I was curious and wanted to try Amy's facial detox approach to calming and healing skin before resorting to a pharmaceutical. Amy was receptive and explained her holistic approach to skin treatment. Each of her customized treatments were suited to my shifting, cyclical skin through a variety of organic products. While Amy is extremely knowledgeable her manner is warm and friendly. From the first visit, Amy made me feel welcome and comfortable. Amy is honest about her recommendations, she respects your budget and does not get pushy about the closing sell. The beauty of Amy's skin studio is that her healthy skin treatment always leave you rejuvenated and relaxed. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Wonderful Skin!

by mmgotz

I have had many different facials over the years and Amy's facial using the natural products is the best I have found. She is a caring and personable woman truly invested in the condition of your skin. I always come away feeling rested and revived. You must give her a try.

Best facial I have ever received

by Brandio

With your facial with Amy, she puts so much time into analyzing your skincare needs and makes you feel so relaxed. With every facial I have ever received I left her place feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling that she has a genuine interest in my skin. She always goes above and beyond with her care. With her natural products, it has definitely changed the texture and feel of my skin for the better. I highly recommend any facial service with Amy's skincare.
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